Melanie Figg


Melanie is a writer, mentor, and certified life coach that needed her website user friendly and up to date. Melanie wanted to rebrand herself and allow her personality to shine through to her brand, while remaining professional. Rolling out the new brand across her website, print materials, and email marketing campaigns, allowed for a cohesive and easily recognizable identity. 


Logo Package


Branded MailChimp Template


A refined typeface that offered a slight variations in width was chosen as the display type; professional but approachable. The deep blue color was chosen for its calming and relaxing feel. 

The site's design is simple, easy to navigate, and presents clear information. Melanie's site is full of necessary information for her clients - I simplified the overall design of her previous site. Increasing the space between lines of text. Creating strict hierarchy guidelines for the titles, subtitles, and all text boxes. This allowed the user to better read through the information.

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